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David Gilmour's Black Strat Signature Guitar out to the public

David Gilmour’s famous ‘Black Strat’ Fender Stratocaster, will be released as a ‘Signature Model’ by Fender on September 22nd 2008

work has been ongoing on this guitar for around 2 years now. The Fender ‘Black Strat’ Signature Model has been created by the combined input of David Gilmour, Fender Custom Shop's Mike Eldred and Todd Krause, plus that of David’s long-standing guitar technician Phil Taylor. They tried very hard to create a final product that is tailored to the highest possible standards and yet still be affordable to both fans and guitar players.

The development work involved an extensive testing procedure, including various different combinations of wood, pick-ups and paint to find a close facsimile of the original ‘Black Strat’s sound and look.

This is what will be included in the package:

A set of GHS Gilmour signature strings
Evidence Audio guitar cable both used by Gilmour in studio and on stage
Deluxe guitar strap
Guitar Plectrum

A comment by made by David Gilmour, “I told Fender that it was just an ordinary Strat that I bought at Manny’s, but I must say they’ve done a great job of recreating it”.

To see where you could too own the very same superbly build black strat as Gilmour, there are two versions:

Nos Black version with all the parts replicated and fresh out the factory look.

Relic Black Over 3-Tone Suburst Here Fender has replicated every single scratch and worn out mark on Gilmour's own guitar as if you purchased Gilmour's very own black strat.






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