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Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb Tab (Part 1, First Solo)


Part 2 Comfortably Numb tab lesson click here



 Song Comfortably Numb                                            

 Album: The Wall        

 Rated Intermediate

 Practice Time 20 mins/day


Here I shall guide you through the full path in mastering this excellent Pink Floyd tab. A big part of this tab will include the awesome guitar SOLO. This section will be shown in two parts. The method I bring you is quite a unique way of learning guitar tabs compared to most other sites because with this guided tuition, I will show you step by step how to perform, so you gain the utmost benefit.

Before you start on the Comfortably Numb tab I want you to get used to the notation used so...

Symbols used

v = Tremolo
\ = Slide Down
/ = Slide Up
BU = Bend Up
BD = Bend Down

Here I shall guide you into playing the Comfortably Numb tab. This will enable you to understand the notation. I will give recommendations and tips so that you can sound better!

Exercise 1Comfortably Numb tab first solo

Here, start of the first solo by sliding to the 14th fret it sounds MUCH better, and then hold on to it using some tremolo then mute the first string with your finger and pick the string where it says 'X'. After that, bend the string at the 14th fret to the sound of the 15th fret within the brackets (). Bend the 2nd string 15th fret to the sound of the 17th fret.

Exercise 2
Comfortably Numb tab first solo

Start of this part by giving a string rake on the first three strings and then bend at the 14th fret enough to the sound of a single fret higher and then release the bend to the 14th fret. Immediately after that you need to bend the 2nd string at the 15th fret. You need to be quick but with time and practice you will get there!

After that you start the next section by rapidly moving lower down the strings, firstly hit the 15th fret 2nd string and then you need to hit the 14th fret on three consecutive strings this is called legato To do this you need to roll your index finger down the strings in a press and release fashion (Read more on legato?). Moving down the fret board you do a half bend at the 11th fret 4th string, finishing at the 7th fret and ending with a LARGE bend at the 9th fret with some tremolo. Always practice this slowly it is not easy!

Exercise 3:  Comfortably Numb tab first solo

OK, You have done well up to now. Now here comes all the bends and slides. Start with a bend at the 9th fret 3rd string. Release the bend down and do the same again. Easy!!!

Exercise 4:  Comfortably Numb tab first solo

    Ok, its now time to end to the Comfortably Numb tab. Start by doing a string rake. Then hit the 15th fret 1st string and pull-off onto the 14th fret, this means hit the 14th fret without picking it and then hit the 12th fret. Now, with the 2nd string same kind of thing, hit the 15th fret and pull-off to the 12th fret. Moving towards the last few notes, hit the 9th fret 4th string and hammer-on to the 10th fret of that string which is the same as the pull-off but instead you are going up the fret board, different direction. Finally, pull-off to the 9th fret and slide down to the 7th fret of that string

Exercise 5
Comfortably Numb tab first solo


The last section, the first part of this starting from the 'BU' is the same as the second section. The bend involves slides. Hit the 7th fret 4th string, slide up to the 9th fret and down to the 7th fret using some tremolo and slide down the fret board releasing your finger at no set fret.

OK, did you enjoy this Comfortably numb tab? Do you have any problems with it or find it difficult please feel free to contact us. And please come back regularly for updates !

Ok that completes the Part 1 of the Comfortably Numb tab.  When you are ready turn to the next page to Part 2 of the Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb tab


If you enjoyed the tab and feel that you have learnt from it or maybe you haven't learnt much. you could learn even more and enjoy more by learning the comfortably numb tab through the video lessons that we have for you which give you all the notes played to you visually, how you should play and backing tracks to play over

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