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Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb Tab (Part 2, Outro Solo)

Comfortably Numb 
                                                Gear and Effects

 Album: The Wall        

 Rated Intermediate

 Practice Time 20 mins/day


I promise you if you haven't tasted it already, this Comfortably Numb tab and solo WILL be the best thing that you will play!! so...

Again, before you start on this final Comfortably numb tab I want you to get used to the notation.

This solo uses slightly different guitar notation to part 1 this is so that you can get familiar with the whole range of guitar notation that is available which can pop-up at any time...

Here again is the notation used in the tab

~ = Vibrato
\ = Slide Down
/ = Slide Up
b = Bend
r = Release
p= Pull-off
x= String muting

Here I shall guide you into playing the Comfortably numb tab . I will also give you recommendations and tips so that you can sound better!

Exercise 1  Comfortably Numb Tab first solo

Ok when the Comfortably numb tab kicks in so much is said within the first 3 or 4 notes. Bend fret 9 on the 3rd string twice and then release it. When you hit the 9~ this means do a little vibrato on the 9th fret by performing a series of small bends up and down using the 3rd string. Do the same on the very last note which is the 10th fret 2nd string.

Exercise 2  Comfortably Numb Tab second solo

OK, now we are moving slightly higher up the fret board. At the 10p7 perform a pull-off onto the 7th fret. Before you come to this part it is best to perform a string rake it just sounds nicer!

Exercise 3  Comfortably Numb Tab second solo

This part involves a lot of bends and you have to be slightly quick on them. If you are not used to this part then you may find yourself hitting the wrong strings at first. Don't worry about this just take it slowly at first, then you will improve your speed automatically! When you reach 10b~ bend the 10th fret to the sound of 2 frets higher and on the bend perform a vibrato. This is difficult at first but when you practice it gets so easy. You should be able to perform the rest of this part without any guidance

Exercise 4  Comfortably Numb Tab second solo

Exercise 5   Comfortably Numb Tab second solo


Exercise 6   Comfortably Numb Tab second solo

OK, these are the most difficult parts of the solo and they are called riff runs. The notes played seem to consist of the B minor pentatonic scale which are played fast. Each run is a variation of the notes in this pattern and key b etween the 5th and 9th frets using many techniques such as bends and releases, pull-offs, hammer-ons and string muting. You should understand these techniques by now especially if you have covered part 1


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