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Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb Tab (Part 3, Outro Solo)  (Continued)

Exercise 7  Comfortably Numb tab second solo tab 

This involves many variations using only the 7th and 9th frets some muting notes bends, and double stops which are notes played simultaneously on the same fret but different strings.


Exercise 8  Comfortably Numb tab second solo

Variations on the 7th and 9th frets begin to end and the Comfortably Numb tab moves over to the high register, which is higher up the fret board playing the notes at frets 12 to 21.


Exercise 9  Comfortably Numb tab second solo

....Continuing on with high register.


Exercise 10  Comfortably Numb tab second solo

OK, the Comfortably numb tab begins to end. Half way through this near end of the solo it is moved back to low register (lower end of the fret board)

Exercise 11  Comfortably Numb Tab second solo

The final part of the solo alternates between 1st and 2nd string muting (x) and double stops. These are played at the 7th fret on the first 2 strings finishing before hitting a single note played at the 10th fret, 2nd string ending with a vibrato on the 9th fret, 4th string.

The Comfortably Numb solo doesn't actually come to an abrupt stop the solo just fades and can end on any note or riff in the B major scale.

OK, did you enjoy the Comfortably numb guitar tab? Do you have any problems with it or find it difficult please feel free to contact us. And please come back regularly for updates


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