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Video Tutorial Lessons


Video Lesson


Duration Price  


Comfortably Numb Full Song (4 Parts) 1 hr 11 mins Approx $7.00
Time Full Song 1 hr 32 mins Approx $7.00
Mother Main Solo       Coming Soon
Wish You Were Here Intro Solo (First solo)       Coming Soon
Wish You Were Here Solos       Coming Soon
Another Brick In The Wall Full Song (3 Parts) 1 hr Approx $7.00
Hey You Solo   $5.00   Coming Soon
Money Solo   $5.00   Coming Soon
Breathe     $5.00   Coming Soon
Poles Apart Solo   $5.00   Coming Soon
Shine On You Crazy Diamond  Parts 1-4   $5.00   Coming Soon














*All Tutorial Lessons include backing tracks



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