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Wish You Were Here tab : Solos



wish you were here tab : Solo 1

Ok now over to the second guitar solo. A lot of the second and final solo involves lots of slides just like the first one. Starting off, slide up to the 12th fret on the 2nd string. Do this twice. Either slide or hammer-on from the 10th fret to the 12th fret then slide down. Slide up to the 11th fret 1st string.

Sliding Tip. When it gives a slide symbol with no reference of a starting position it means that this is unimportant. Usually it is about 3 or 4 frets before.

The next triple slides from the 11th fret to the 12th fret are sliding up a semi-tone. These are difficult.


Wish You Were Here tab : Solo 2

These slides are very similar to the ones above and you should be able to perform these. The riffs on this part are between the 7th and 15th position.


Wish You Were Here tab : Solo 3

Continuing on with slides all at the same position however with variations. The last two notes consists of a double slide up to the 10th fret 1st string and 12th fret 2nd string.


Outro Solo

Wish You Were Here tab : Solo 1

This solo has similar techniques as the previous two which includes mostly slides. These riffs are variations of the previous. All the techniques covered so far are included so you shouldn't have a problem with playing this solo. Good Luck!...

Wish You Were Here tab : Solo 2


Wish You Were Here tab : Solo 3



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